Besides creating clients and sites manually you can upload them with CSV file. It will be useful when you already have your own database with a big amount of clients and sites. With uploading you can save your time on creating and updating the client list in Planado.


Open the Addresses page.

To upload a file, click on the upload button near buttons Add site and Add client.


Here you can see the description of all the columns.

Download the example file and format your CSV file with your own clients.


If you use the first row of the spreadsheet as a header, checkbox Skip header row.  You can also select the encoding of the CSV file. Most of the time UTF-8 or  CP-1251 are used. If your file has different encoding, convert it to one of the available.


After choosing the file, click on the Upload button. Time to upload depends on file size, usually less than a couple of minutes. 


After a successful upload, you will see results. In this case, 12 new clients were created and 15 were updated.

Uploaded clients will be shown on the Addresses → Clients page, sites will be shown on Addresses → Sites.


If the file has wrong encoding or any errors, you will see this message, instead of upload results.


Compare your file with a sample file, make sure you have correct encoding, and try to upload spreadsheet again.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: