Why user location is not being tracked on the map?

1. Location service is turned off

Go to SettingsLocation services and turn on location services. As location mode, use Locate by network and GPS.

2. No connection to server

Application works in offline mode, in the top panel you will see warning sign.

Usually  it means your phone doesn't have network connection. While if offline  mode, all the coordinates will be saved and uploaded to server once your  phone is connected to internet again.

3. Location can't be tracked

Phone  might not be able to track its location: network connection might be  lost, and so is cellular network, GPS satellites are not available. 

It could be you have wrong Location mode turned on in the Settings → Location services. For example, you might set Locate by network only (cellular networks), while you are not near coverage of your mobile network operator or Wi-Fi spot. Or you have Locate by GPS, but you're working inside a building where satellite is not reachable. We recommend to use Locate by network (Wi-Fi and cellular) and GPS.

4. User is not logged in

Planado  can't track location if you weren't logged in. Open application and  enter your email and password to get into your account. 

5. Application is closed or force stopped

Location won't be tracked if application was closed by user.

Planado won't be able to track your location if application was manually force stopped in the menu Settings AppsPlanado. Tracking will start again if you reopen the application.

6. GPS is not working correctly

Location  can't be tracked if your phone has broken GPS-module and users are  rarely manage to be in the radius of the Wi-Fi hotspot or cellular  network. 

Contact techical service for diagnostics of your device.

7. Phone operating system is blocking application

Possible reasons:

Battery saver is on

Some  versions of the android allow you to save battery charge by turning on  Battery saver function. This can prevent correct work of background  apps. 

Check this option in SettingsBattery. Check if any battery settings can limit apps perfomance.

Background activity is restricted

Phone won't be able to track location if its background activity is restricted. 

Allow  Planado to work in the background with no restrictions. You can usually  find this option in the specific application settings or permissions  for the apps.

Phone blocks app work while it is in the background, though other options are on.

After first two steps, your phone is still blocking app while it is in the background mode?

View  all the applications in the background and pin Planado app. It can  usually be done by either holding on app window for couple of seconds,  or by dragging it down for pin button to appear.

Application  will have lock symbol after that in the up right corner. System will  stop define application as one of the bacground ones and will stop  preventing its work.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: support@planado,app.