In this instruction, we will find out how to add a template and how to create a job using this template.

You can create separate templates for each job type. Templates will help you create jobs in a quick and simple way.

List of templates in the Schedule

In the Settings → Templates menu you will already have a set of default templates: you can edit them or create a new one.

List of default templates 

Let's try to create a new template. Click the Add template button. A new template page will be opened.

Enter all the job default information in the template. For example, you can set the type of job and its expected duration, brief description, and select available resolutions for complete jobs. When you create jobs with this template you will not need to type this information all over again.

Default template information 

You can add two types of fields to your templates: custom fields and report fields. Custom fields are the fields that are filled in by the dispatcher when they create a job. They can contain additional information about the job, for example, a PDF instruction, a number of materials to get, a type of material to use, or a comment from a dispatcher. On the other hand, the report fields are filled in by the assignees when they complete a job. You can use them to collect information about job completion. 

Find out more about job templates and different field types in the instruction.

Edit what information will be in the report using custom fields. Define which fields are required to finish the job with a checkmark. 

Custom and deport fields in the template 

In order to successfully complete a job, an assignee will have to fill in all the required report fields. Otherwise, they will not be able to complete a job successfully.

After you have created a template, you can use it to create new jobs. You can do it on the Schedule page or by using the Add job button in the top right corner.

Add a job from Schedule or via the Add job button

You can find more about adding jobs from the Schedule page in the instruction.

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