In the template, you can add fields for additional information about completed jobs. These fields are used for reports that can be filled in the mobile application by the assignee.


Click on the Add report field button in the template and pick the type of field:

  • Photo, to save photographs of objects using a phone camera;

  • Text for text input, for example, the assignee can use it to write model of equipment or commentaries about a job;

  • Checkbox with Yes/No answers, for example, to mark if there was a service lift at the client's address;

  • Picklist,  if you want assignee to pick one of the presented options (pick lists  with all the options you need must be created beforehand in the menu Settings → Picklists);

  • Action, in other words, flag («checkmark»).

  • Barcode to scan QR codes with a phone camera. Once the code will be scanned, this field will have text information.


⚠️Any of the fields can be set as required: without it assignee won't be able to choose successful resolutions for a job.


Let's say you need to see a photograph of the initial object, figure out where did client find your company, and get commentary about the upcoming job from the assignee. Add a field with Photo type, give it a name and make it required one: click on Required checkbox on the right from the field. out where did client 



Options about places where did client find out about your company is better to keep in the pick lists. In the menu Settings → Pick lists create a list with all the needed values.



Now in the template you can add Picklist field as well as choose which list to use in this field. 



For additional commentaries add field Text.



⚠️Order of fields in the template also sets the order in the report window in the mobile application. If you want to change order, drag, and drop using  line on the left from the field and move it to a new place.


Click on the Save button.


The assignee will use created fields in the template to fill the report in the mobile application. 


The operator will see updated by assignee report fields in the web application.

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