After you have added skills to a job, you can easily find which workers are suitable for a job. Before that, you need to create a list of skills and add them to your workers.

Open the job adding window.

Click on the Required skills field. The list of all of the available skills will be opened. Choose skills that are needed for the job.

Click the Assignee field. You will see a list of all your workers sorted by their skills.

Workers with a suitable set of skills will be presented at the beginning of the list. The less required skills a worker has, the lower they are on the list. Select a suitable worker.

⚠️If you do not have any workers with a certain skill, you will see a "There are no workers with required skill" warning under the Required skills field.

You can select skills in job templates. Open a template form and select skills for this template. You can also select an assignee in the template form. 

When you create jobs with this template, the Required skills field will be already filled. 

⚠️ You can still assign a worker without the required skills to a job. But you will see a warning that a worker does not have certain required skills that are listed in a job or in a template.

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