After installing the Planado FSM application for Android or iOS, to make sure your phone is configured for optimal work, check the following settings.

⚠️ Depending on your device, your interface can be different from shown in this tutorial, but you still should have all the following options in your Android Settings. If you're using iPhone, check the Settings icon on your Home Screen to find them.


1. Turn on location tracking

Go to Settings → Location services and turn on location. As location mode, use Locate by network and GPS (High accuracy).

2. Turn on push notifications

Go to Settings  Apps  Planado FSM and check if Notifications are turned on.

3. Planado notifications have priority

Go to Settings  Notification and status bar  Manage app notifications  Planado. Make sure Allow notification, Priority, and Alert are all turned on.

4. Enable automatic update for Planado FSM in Play Store

In the Play Store go to the Planado page and in the upright corner you the menu and check the flag to Enable auto-update. 

5. The latest version of Google Play services is installed

Planado uses Google Play services to make push notification and synchronization work. If services are not installed or updated to the latest version, the application might not work correctly. In this case, as soon as you launch Planado you will receive a warning message or Google Play services are not available notification.

Google apps will also give error messages on the lock screen and status bar.  Click on these notifications twice and you will open Google Play  Services page, where you can install or update it.

6. Fast network connections are enabled

Photos created in Planado can't be uploaded with a slow 2G network connection.  To upload photos to the server, you need to have access to networks 3G, LTE, or Wi-Fi. If you're using cellular networks, make sure you picked the fastest available network mode in the menu Settings  SIMs and networks  Network mode.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: