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After you have created a list of territories and added them to your workers and clients, you can create jobs with territories.

Open a new job window and add all the necessary information to it.

Click the Territory field and choose the job territory. This territory will be used to sort the list of assignees.

If you add a client with a territory to a job, this territory will be automatically added to the job.

Territory is manually selected when creating a job. If you just enter job address, a territory will not be automatically added.

After you have added a territory, you can select a suitable assignee. Click the Assignee field. A list of your workers will be opened.

As you can see, workers whose territory does not match the job territory will have a message about it. Workers with the same territory as the job will be on the top of the list. Select a suitable worker.

You will see a warning if an assignee is not suitable for the job territory or if the selected territory does not have any workers assigned to it.

This way a dispatcher can see if the selected worker can complete a job for a particular client because of their territory.

If you need any help regarding territories or other Planado features, feel free to contact us on the support portal or email us at support@planado.app.