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Mileage tracking allows you to get the distance that an assignee traveled while going to the job. When you turn on this feature, the job report will have the Mileage field. An assignee will have information about traveled distance in their mobile app.

Mileage tracking is available in the Pro plan.

Turn on the mileage tracking

Mileage tracking can be turned on for each template separately. To do so, open a template, check the Mileage tracking checkbox, and save the template.

Turn on the mileage tracking for a template

After that jobs with this template will have mileage tracking.

Using the mileage tracking

After turning the mileage tracking on for a template, an assignee will be able to see their traveled distance for a job in the mobile app. When an assignee has a job with the mileage tracking tuned on, they need to tap the En route button to start mileage tracking.

En route the job to start mileage tracking

A map with their current location, address mark will be opened. An assignee's route and traveled distance will appear on this map while on the way to the job address.

Traveled distance and a route a presented on the map when moving to the job

For the mileage tracking to work properly, an assignee needs to have geolocation turned on on their phone, and the Planado app needs to have a permission to get geolocation. Possible problems with geolocation for Android and iOS are describe in the corresponding instructions.

Before finishing a job, an assignee will be shown a map with the job route. They can view traveled distance and their route on that map. Information about a traveled distance is located in the Mileage job field.

Before finishing a job, an assignee can see a job route and traveled distance

When a job is finished, an assignee can tap the Home button. It allows to track a worker's route and a traveled distance after finishing a job. For example, it can be used to take into account a distance traveled by a worker from a job to your company office. After the movement is finished, an assignee presses the Finish ride button. A distance traveled when "going home" will be counted in the mileage tracking.

Mileage tracking report

Traveled distance for a job can be viewed in the Planado web app in the job itself. Traveled distance will be shown in ton the job history map.

Traveled distance and movement track in the job history

On the Jobs page, you can view traveled distance information for a number of jobs. To view it, add the Mileage (km) column to the jobs table. You will be able to view traveled distances for selected jobs in this column.

Add the Mileage (km) column to the jobs table

Mileage tracking report example

You can calculate a worker's traveled distance for a selected time period with the mileage tracking report help. To do so. select filters for the desired time period and add the Mileage (km) column to the table. After that export table to the XLSX file.

Export jobs table to the XLSX file

In the table editor of your choice open the XLSX file and sum up the traveled distance in the Mileage (km) column.

If you have any questions regarding the mileage tracking or other Planado features, feel free to contact us at support@planado.app or on the support portal.