Planado allows you to send your clients links to track your workers. This way they would better understand when to expect your worker to arrive. A link is sent in an SMS notification. You can also get a tracking page link via API and send using your messaging provider. The tracking page layout can be edited in the HTML file. In this instruction, we are going to see how to use the default tracking page layout.

Tracking page layout

The default tracking page has general information about a job and a map with the job assignee's current location and client address location. 


Tracking page

On this page, an assignee is represented by the car icon, and a client is represented by the house icon.

The default tracking HTML file is located on the Settings → Tracking page. You can download this file and edit it to get the tracking page layout that you need. After that, you need to upload this new file as a new tracking page and use it to send tracking pages to your clients.

Tracking page settings

Tracking pages have availability duration. By default, it is set to one hour. That means, that after an hour of sending the link to your client, it will stop working. If you are planning to send information about job completion to your clients you might want to make a tracking page available for longer periods of time.

Editing tracking page availability duration

Adding tracking page link to SMS notifications

In order for a client to receive a tracking page link, you need to add it to SMS notifications. You can do it in the SMS notifications settings. To do so, go to the Settings → General page. You can edit messages in the Client SMS notification settings.

You can find more information about SMS notifications in the instruction.

Client SMS notification settings

To add a tracking page link substitution, click the + Add substitution button and select Jobs → Tracking → Default form.

Adding a tracking page link substitution

Save settings. After that, en route SMS notifications will have a tracking page link in them.

En route SMS notification with a tracking page link

Getting a tracking page link via API

To get a tracking page link via API, send a POST request:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer api-key" \
--data "{\"job\":{\"uuid\":\"1ed8fec9-7c8c-6af0-a8b0-1ef2a1c15efe\"},\"tracking_template\":{\"uuid\":\"1ed8fec9-2ae5-67f0-a8b0-1ef2a1c15efe\"}" \

Where api-key is your API key, ed8fec9-7c8c-6af0-a8b0-1ef2a1c15efe is job UUID, and 1ed8fec9-2ae5-67f0-a8b0-1ef2a1c15efe is the tracking template UUID.

In the response, you will receive a link to the tracking page:

"link": ""

The tracking page API is described in more detail in the documentation

If you have any questions regarding the tracking page or other Planado features, feel free to ask them at or on our support portal.