Users can have access to the Planado web application along with the mobile application. Users can have a paid access (use a seat) or free access.


Users with paid access to the web application can create and edit addresses, jobs, and teams, as well as change the schedule. Users with paid access to the mobile application can complete jobs assigned to them. If you need more seats, contact our sales team.


⚠️In the trial version, you can add any amount of users with paid access.


Users with free access (without using a seat) can only view jobs. They can't complete them in the mobile application. Amount of free users is not limited.


Permissions and access can be changed on the user edit page. Open it by selecting a specific user in the Settings → Users.

We recommend setting permissions based on the tasks given to the user in Planado:

  • the operator  can create and edit jobs and addresses, work with teams and their  schedule, therefore he needs full permission to the web application with  access to all configurations;

  • foreman needs permission to complete jobs in the mobile application, for this he will also need to use a seat;

  • users  in the teams can have only free access to the mobile application  without permission to complete jobs since the foreman is the one who will  fill the report;

  • the administrator has access to all the  configurations of your Planado except for billing and payment, he will  also need a paid seat;

  • for the director responsible for analyzing jobs and reports, access to login to the web application without permission to edit will be enough.


In order to give the user permission to edit and complete jobs, set a flag on Use seat. If all paid seats are already taken, the owner of the domain can add new in the menu Settings → Billing


1454336260_58.pngThe owner of the domain is also using a paid seat. He is the only one who has access to the billing page. The current owner can assign the new owner of the Planado domain in Settings → General.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: