1. I have not received the activation mail, what do I do?

Check your spam box, it could be filtered as spam by your email provider. If it's not there, please check if you registered the correct email address: 

  • Go to planadoapp.com and at the bottom of the page and sign up again;

  • If your email and domain are registered, you will receive a popup window with a message including a link to your domain. 

If your email and domain were found, go to your [domain name].planadoapp.com and click Send activation mail again. If your domain wasn't found, it probably means you used the wrong email address during registration. You can write to us to change the email address or try again with a different domain name.


2. How to configure Job reports to have more than one photo?

Each photo field can contain up to 10 photos and you can add as many photo fields as you need. To add a photo field to a template:

  • Go to Settings → Templates.
  • Use a pre-existing template or create a new one;
  • In the Job report section add a report field with a type Photo. You can add as many as you need to use in the future.

Templates are described in more detail in the instruction

3. How to remove a user from the schedule?

In the schedule, you can see all the users with permission to complete jobs in the mobile application. If you want to remove a specific user from the schedule altogether, you will need to remove this permission from them:

  • Go to Settings → Users;

  • Select the user you want to remove;

  • Take off the flag from Allowed to complete jobs for the mobile application

You can read more about configuring the permissions of your users in the article Permissions and Seats.


4. How to upload a list of clients?

Planado allows you to create clients from a CSV file. To do so:

  • Go to the Clients page;

  • Click the upload button and select Upload clients;

  • Upload a file in CSV format with a list of your clients.

You can download an example CSV file to see the required format. If the upload was successful, you will see a message with the number of new clients. Clients and sites upload is described in the instruction.


5. How to change the name of the sender in SMS?

By default, the SMS sender's name cannot be changed. You can include the name of your company in the body of the message.

However, If it is necessary for you to use your own sender's name or you are already using your own SMS gateway, contact tech support at support@planado.app


6. How to automatically add jobs to the schedule?

In case you need some specific jobs to be repeated within a time interval, you can use Recurring jobs:

  • Go to Settings → Recurring jobs;

  • Click Add recurring job and select a template;

  • Configure a schedule for posting jobs at the bottom;

  • Click the Add button.

Planado will create jobs using a template and time interval you set. Recurring jobs are described in more detail in the instruction.

7. What does each job status mean?

Jobs can be: 

  • Posted — a  job was created without an assignee and scheduled date;

  • Scheduled — a job has a scheduled date but does not have an assignee

  • Published — a job has an assignee, therefore a job is also available in the mobile application;

  • En route — job's assignee began their way to a client (pressed the En route button);

  • Started — job's assignee started the job (pressed the Start button);

  • Paused — a job was temporarily paused by its assignee (the assignee pressed the Pause button) ;

  • Finished — a job was completed with either a successful or an unsuccessful resolution.

If you need any help, leave us a ticket or write to our email address: support@planado.app.