In case if you need to assign multiple workers to a job, you need to create a team. You can either create a pre-made team or create a team on the fly when creating a job. You can adjust a pre-made team by adding and removing workers from it.


Assigning a pre-made team to a job

To assign a pre-made team to a job, you first need to create a team. After a team is created, select it in the Assignee field when adding a job.

You can change what workers are present in the team in a job itself. How to do it is described in the second part of the instruction.

Teams just like other workers can be seen in the schedule.

A job for a team in the schedule for a day timeline

Only a foreman can complete team jobs. A foreman will have a bold font in the assignee field listing.

If a worker is a foreman for a job, they will have buttons to start and en route jobs (left screenshot).

If a worker is just a part of a team but not a foreman, they will be able to view a team job in their mobile app but will not be able to change it (right screenshot).

The mobile app interface for a foreman and for a team worker

If a worker is not a foreman they cannot edit the job, nor finish it, even if they have permission to complete jobs in the mobile application. All the actions with the jobs assigned to teams can be done only by the team foreman. 

One worker can be at the same time:

  • A separate assignee for jobs, in other words, he can complete jobs assigned directly to him;

  • The foreman of one or more teams with permission to complete jobs assigned to his teams;

  • A member of one or more teams with permission to only view the main information of the jobs assigned to his teams.

⚠️ If you remove a worker from a team, they still wiil be present in the team jobs that were created before removal. Because of that, if you resign a worker from a team, you need to edit all of the prevoiusly created jobs for this team. 

Assing a job to a newly created team

Instead of creating a pre-made team, you can form a team when creating a job.

This method is useful in cases when team members for a job are set right before creating a job or when you need to add or remove members from a pre-made team.

To form a team, open the job creation window. 

In the Assignee field select a worker or a team. To add extra workers, press the Add button and select assignees.

Extra workers in a job

To remove a worker, press the cross button on the left side of a worker's name. 

Removing a worker from a job

A foreman of such a team is the first worker on the list. They will be marked by bold font and the star «*» symbol. Only a foreman can complete team jobs, other workers are only able to view them. If you remove a foreman from a job, the next worker on the list will become a foreman.

Job foreman

Only a foreman needs paid access.

It is necessary for at least one worker to have paid seat (permission to complete jobs in the mobile app).

To learn more about creating teams and working with them, read our article Create and edit teams.

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